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Richard Sliwa - Percussion




Richard Sliwa is an experienced and versatile percussionist who has played with a wide variety of artists over the years. He started playing in Brighton on the Latin scene as well as playing in punk-folk band The Crack (with fiddle player Tim O’Leary) He has recorded also with Christy O’Leary (De Danaan, Boys from the Lough) . He moved up to Manchester to study with master drummer Tommy Odueso (West African Rhythm Brothers) and at the same time toured Germany and the UK with legendary reggae band C-Charge. He also played in Inner Space with Ian Fletcher and Mike McGoldrick, fusing electronica and roots.


He has played and studied extensively in Cuba with members of Yoruba Andabo and Clave y Guaguanco and has played in carnival in Brazil with maracatu group Leao Negro. He produced and released a tune with the Acid Jazz label (Snowboy’s hi-hat series) in conjunction with Inner Sense, a Brazilian percussion group (with whom he toured in countries all over the globe including Egypt, Malaysia, Oman, Palestine, Yemen and Uzbekistan). He has recorded with The Doves ( on the No. 1 single “There goes the fear” and The Charlatans on their version of Curtis Mayfield’s “We gotta have peace”. He is currently musical director of Mojito one of the foremost salsa/timba bands on the UK circuit and plays with LaTimbala , Afro_cuban folkloric group. He has also released tunes as 2FO on renowned latin house label Mettle Music and currently plays in the Future Trad collective with Ian Fletcher , Mike McGoldrick and Andy Dinan.

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